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Gray Matter Global - Social Learning Platform for International School Students (IGCSE & IB)

Our Difference

  1. Code – Serve – Admit: Top schools now recommend that you commit to meaningful, sustained (preferably lasting at least 1 year) community service and to express your diversity (Partial list of endorsers: William R. Fitzsimmons, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, HARVARD UNIVERSITY; Jessica Marinaccio, Dean of Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid, COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY; Denise Pope, Senior Lecturer, STANFORD GRADUATE SCHOOL OF EDUCATION AND CO-FOUNDER, CHALLENGE SUCCESS; Janet Lavin Rapelye, Dean of Admission, PRINCETON UNIVERSITY; Stuart Schmill, Dean of Admissions, MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY; etc.).
  2. Close to Silicon Valley: Want to know how it’s like to work inside Google and Intel? Can a non-coder contribute in a tech company? We connect you to people working inside firms with market capitalisation of $1 USD billion and above so you hear the insider’s take on what goes on inside today’s tech giants. Our Python course, in particular, is built alongside Stanford researchers.
  3. Create, Rather Than Consume Technology: What if you could program your mobile to remind you to bring an umbrella before you leave the house (before it would rain)? What if you could program the lights to go out as you close the front door? What if your software can make a positive impact on billions of lives? Do these and more by creating with technology!

What You’ll Be Doing

Code Travel Publish
Content 30h of instruction: coding and conducting research
15h of Clinics (consultation time)
3D sightseeing
7D in Sparrow Village, Guizhou
– Conducting surveys
– Iteratively testing product idea
– Communicating findings
7D to prepare for publication
– Pitching your idea
– Get feedback from others
– Defending your work
– Editing your manuscript
– Follow-ups
Deliverable(s) WordPress
Android app
Python app
Field report Manuscript

What You’ll Get

  1. Recommendation letter upon request
  2. Practical coding skills (from easy to hard code) implementing websites, Android apps and web apps using Python
  3. An opportunity to impact the community and serve

Complete Details

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Call Us: Gray (+85 15095814900, China) | Ernie (+65 81833039, Singapore)

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